Run a Slime farm to eventually refine some colored berries into a diamond. 

Slimes eat things to produce other things. Their diets are fickle as well as their shape. They change what they eat and produce regularly. Drag a slime onto the analyzer (the magnifying glass) to see its current diet.

You can feed Slimes candy to let them evolve. They evolve based on the next three items they eat.

Barns convert nearby items into money. Trees produce berries which slimes can eat. 

Created for Weekly Gam Jam 140; 

Made withGameMaker: Studio


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The sprites are so cute >.<

It's a bit tricky to understand how to play but I think I'll get the hang of it later on. Going to play more later and give proper rating then

Cute fun game.

I loved looking at the slime eat stuff. The tool tips were helpful :D I love merge games, i think you've got a good idea here!! Reminds me a little of grow stone + harvest moon combined heehee <3

Cool game! My only criticism is there's no music and I personally can't see what this has to do with shape shifting.

This was pretty cool. Didn't get very far (The largest thing I made was a fishing rod) but I liked how the "tech tree" expanded.

I think knowing some baseline information would have helped in terms of what needs to be combined with what so you can plan out ahead of time instead of having to play around what recipes your slimes get.

It took me a while to figure out how the slimes and bushes needed to be aligned in order for them to actually transfer materials to one another. Initially I thought the barns were storehouses where the ingredients were getting stored and not a means of making money, so I was trying to funnel all the level 1 products into the barns. So I had lots of money but no actual progress.

I think a mouseover menu would be a lot more streamlined compared to having to drag the slime out of their work spot and back again.